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miércoles, abril 26, 2006

Los Profetas

First there was Paul,
and Paul and her were one.
And she saw that Paul was good.

Then there was Eddie,
adding things to a long wish list.
And she saw that Eddie was good.

Then there was David,
whispering his sweetest perfection in her ear.
And she saw that David was good.

The last one was Gudmundsdottir
with a strident army of her.
And she saw Gudmundsdottir was good.

Tonight it will be Gordon,
there will be synchronicity,
blood will flow
when flesh and steel become one again,
and she’ll have no choice
but to follow that call
the bright lights, the people
and the moon and all.

And she will see the promised land one more time.


Blogger Montirul said...

One more timeeeeeeeee!

26 abril, 2006 13:10

Blogger kala said...


26 abril, 2006 15:25

Blogger pekerm4nn said...


26 abril, 2006 17:29

Blogger Jean Georges said...

Mi ateismo me lleva a ignorar al cuarto participante, el tal Gudonososrpiritti.
Pero si los otros realmente existieron, quiebro una hostia en sus nombres.

27 abril, 2006 02:43

Blogger pekerm4nn said...

yo tambien soy ateo gracias a dios!

27 abril, 2006 09:04


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