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miércoles, abril 23, 2008


Words don't flow
I feel so full
yet so empty.

happiness stops me
from feeling dead.

And sometimes
I mistake death for life.


Blogger Mariel said...

sometimes I mistake it too...

25 abril, 2008 15:03

Blogger YEL said...

We are told many times that life is beautiful, life is a miracle, life is wonderful, etc., etc. I believe –and feel– that those are more than just mere clichés, there is much truth in them.

It’s true; sometimes things become quite ugly, personally and at large. And we don’t have explanation for all the suffering, pain, and senseless violence that exist in the world. Still, what a great miracle life is!

21 mayo, 2008 02:35

Blogger kala said...

Little moments of happinnes... and BIG periods of sadness, that's what i call balance.

27 mayo, 2008 14:04


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