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jueves, abril 27, 2006


And she got there early
to enjoy his company.
And they all sat on the table
and he spoke to Paul,
“take off those sunglasses” he said,
you won’t need them tonight.
Drink from my cup, little one.
Eddie remained in his place.
So did David.
Gudmundsdottir had always been
up and down, but this gathering
was not surprising.

And she saw nations
built and destroyed
with his words.
She felt flesh and steel
and saw tears from a star.
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
and they lied in fields of gold.


Blogger Montirul said...

te quiero

28 abril, 2006 01:35

Blogger CMG said...

when you write, you make me lie on fields of gold darling!
Shit, that was good!!!

28 abril, 2006 11:31

Blogger pekerm4nn said...

me impactó el comentario de montirul...

28 abril, 2006 13:18

Blogger Jean Georges said...

Chevrolet Bel Air 57, tragando asfalto en una ruta perdida. Yorke musicalizando el día, mientras Lennon y Morrison discuten en el asiento de atrás. Yo callo y fijo la mirada en la línea amarilla, amarilla y cada vez más punteada. Kurt hace autostop. Algo me dice que nos detendremos a llevarlo.

30 abril, 2006 17:15

Blogger pekerm4nn said...

eso!, levante a Kurt! me dijeron que hace buenos chistes!

02 mayo, 2006 09:46

Blogger Jean Georges said...

Si, sus favoritos son sobre cazadores.

02 mayo, 2006 14:17

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Blogger pekerm4nn said...

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04 mayo, 2006 14:47

Blogger Eigna said...

Y yo que me maté estudiando, y resulta que es tan fácil.

05 mayo, 2006 12:00


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