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jueves, febrero 05, 2009

the little train that could

Oh she has a choo choo train
In and out of that tunnel it goes

How she loves her big machine
It’s so fast it makes her spin

She would leave everything for it
her brains, her pride, her integrity

And if someday her choo choo brakes
She would find someone to blame

Cause no matter how it plays
She can’t leave her choo choo train

(Stupidity lies within each and every single one of us)


Blogger Mariel said...

y yo pregunto...por qué papa dio no me mandó un tren de reyes para yo también poder!!!
Como dice el sabio filósofo Tego "Pa qué uno se jode, pa qué uno trabaja"

05 febrero, 2009 16:27

Blogger kala said...

Oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz, my friends all drive porches, i must make amends.

Choo choooooooooooo.

05 febrero, 2009 17:53

Blogger Comejaiba said...

que fuelte...

06 febrero, 2009 10:12

Blogger Laura Yosiam said...

Ay, Dios, me siento profundamente aludida (ask me why) hahaha

24 agosto, 2010 19:58


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